Governor's Mansion

(L to R) Shiffy Landa, First Lady Georganne Nixon, Governor Jay Nixon and Rabbi Yosef Landa, Chabad's Regional Director

Gov. Hosts Chanukah Lighting

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon and First Lady Georganne hosted a Chanukah celebration at the Governor’s Mansion on the fifth night of Chanukah. The Governor issued a proclamation marking the Chanukah holiday.

Chanukah, said the Governor, has come to represent “the victory of right over might, light over darkness and freedom over oppression,” and that the message of this holiday “resonates powerfully with the fundamental values of American life and culture, and the great principles of equality and religious freedom upon which was founded this great nation.”

He commended the Chabad centers for sponsoring public Menorah lightings “as symbols of religious freedom and the universal themes of this holiday.”

Jefferson City attorney Harvey Tettlebaum, a long-time leader within Missouri’s Jewish community, offered Chanukah greetings as well.

Rabbi Yosef Landa, Chabad's Regional Director, reminded participants of the lesson we take from the Festival of Lights. “A little bit of light can dispel a great deal of darkness,” he said.

“This idea should fill all good people with confidence, strength and determination. Just as light always prevails over darkness, so will our efforts to make this world a better and brighter place be assured of ultimate success.”

Joining the menorah lighting was a delegation of Chabad Shluchim representing the Chabad institutions in St. Louis, Kansas City and Columbia, Missouri, including Rabbi Avremi Lapine and Rabbi Hershey Novack. In addition, Judge Richard Teitelman, the first Jewish Chief Justice of Missouri’s Supreme Court, was present and was honored with kindling one of the Menorah’s candles.

Following a popular Chanukah tradition, the Governor and First Lady Nixon made their way around the room, distributing “Chanukah Gelt” (chocolate coins) as they personally greeted their guests.