Shofar Factory

This workshop engages participants as a raw ram's horn is cured, sawed, drilled and polished to create a genuine, kosher Shofar. Includes an overview of the Shofar’s history and role in Rosh Hashanah liturgy as well as an opportunity to practice the traditional sequences of notes.


Option I

1 Shofar for the classroom
Recommended Age: 3 - 11
Duration: 45 min.
Maximum amount of participants: 35
Take Home: 1 Shofar for the classroom
Fee: 350.00 *Setup Fee + 125.00 per presentation

Option II

1 Shofar per student
Recommended Age: 6+
Duration: 1 hr
Maximum amount of participants: 25
Take Home: 1 Shofar per student
Fee: 350.00 *Setup Fee + 12.00 per student

*Please note that your group is also welcome to enjoy this workshop by traveling to us, in which case there is no setup fee.


We look forward to working together with you to fully tailor either of these options to suit the unique needs of your group.

To reserve a workshop today please contact Rabbi Levi Landa.

Phone: (314) 725-0400
Email: levi@showmechabad.com