Matzah Bakery

Duraction: 1 hr.

Maximum - 30 Participants

The Matzah Bakery is a hands-on educational resource that combines dough mixing, Matzah rolling and good old fashioned fun to bring the joy of the Passover holiday to life!



Choose two of the following options to compliment your group’s Matzah Bakery:

1) Back to the Exodus - Participants go back in time to ancient Egypt where they meet Moses, Pharaoh and olther personalities of old, accompanied by special effects and dramatic audio. Recommended for ages 3 -5.

2) Passover Craft - Decorate the Seder table with your own handmade creation. Recommended for ages 3 - 10.

3) The Flour Mill - The ultimate DIY: Participants thresh, winnow and grind wheat into flour. For ages 6+.

4) Passover Game Show - Test your knowledge of Passover trivia and experience the thrill of winning in this fast paced game for ages 6 and older.




Cost: $10.00/ student

Our goal is to accommodate all groups wanting to take advantage of this resource. Please contact Rabbi Levi Landa to reserve or to explore how this experience can be customized for your group.

Phone: (314) 725-0400
Email: [email protected]